Day 5
Friday, March 9
Sailing to Costa Rica



Day 6
Saturday, March 10
Limón, Costa Rica
Tour to:
Research & Adventure Park

On the way to the Rain Forest we passed by many banana fields. Each bunch is covered with a plastic bag until they are ready to be exported.
Some people went straight into the Rain Forest this way.
We first went to visit the Research and Adventure Park.
Then, we descended into the forest in a gandola to a certain point where some of us followed
a path leading to a 360 step staircase to go see a waterfall and huge trees. 
Not bad going down ... a bit tiring going up.
Our guide explaining the variety of animal and plant life found in this region.
A quick lunch before going into the Rain Forest.

The day ended with an excellent dinner at the Tuscan ... one of the specialty restaurants at the Equinox.



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